Nov 24, 2020

The Rabbit and Fish Tank Friendship

You never know where you’re going to find new friends, and sometimes it can happen under the most unlikely circumstances. In our sunroom at home, we have a lovely area where our family’s lop-rabbit, Nibbles, spends much of her time. Our daughter's rabbit is her pride and joy, but she’s not her only friend. By her enclosed area is my husband’s tropical fish tank.

The tank is a nice size, and it is almost like a living picture in this space we treat like a second family room, subtly moving around in the background as life goes on around it. It is a lovely visual distraction, you can stare at for ages and get lost in this little watery world. What we hadn’t expected was the impact the rabbit would have on our living tank and vice-versa.

We let Nibbles climb up a ramp we got that goes to a little platform. From here she can see the whole room from. But her little perch is also right next to the fish tank. It didn’t take long before both sides of glass divide were captivated by the other. Well, perhaps the fish a little less. Certainly at first.

The rabbit would often climb her platform early in the day and hang out next to the tank and check-in with all her fishy friends. On the other side, the colorful fish would constantly swim circles, being sure to pass by where Nibbles would watch. But it didn’t start out that way.

The fish would avoid the side of the tank where the rabbit would appear and watch with such curiosity in the early days. Eventually, the collective group managed to get closer and closer as that sense of danger seemed to fade. It’s now at the point when Nibbles approaches, the fish hardly take notice at first, but all come to visit. Which is nice to know the harmony exists between them.

Having the tank and the rabbit were two things that I hadn’t expected we’d have in our home. Both happened to come into our lives in the most unlikely of circumstances. We received a bunch of old trinkets from a relative who kept a fish tank in their house from decades gone past. They were art deco-like and seemed a shame to waste. So, we got the supplies we needed, found the right tank for the right fit in the space we needed, and we were off to the races.

It was then 3 years after we first got hooked on fish and all the incredible varieties there are, our little family got bigger. Some folks we knew with a farm had a few too many rabbits on their hands one day, and asked if we wanted one. So, we made a little enclosure, learned what we needed to know to take proper care and welcomed this new addition to our family.

I always wanted animals that didn’t make a big mess or have a big impact on life in our home. I’m amazed at how easy it is to own a rabbit like Nibbles, and also get so much joy from having it around. Its incredibly soft fur and cuddly disposition, makes it a popular couch companion for everyone. And when it goes back to its home in the corner of the sunroom, it’s nice to know she has another little family already waiting.

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